If you want to learn to defend yourself the Women Self Defense Class is for you. In this program we will cover how to defend from common attacks, and how to escape from holds and positions from a bigger and stronger opponent. There is no martial art experience required. All the techniques use leverage, verbal techniques, timing, and your environment. 

This Class is an on-going class. In which, the women can start anytime. Participants will be given a student card which lists the lessons they learn until completion. Each class you will learn 1-2 self defense techniques. You will be given the scenario, the technique, how to apply the technique and finally with a partner to truly experience and absorb the lesson. The lessons are given in such way that the Women feel enabled, equipped, and liberated after each class.

Each class is taught on our fully matted sping loaded floors. 

Women's Only Class

For questions & details contact kalimethod@gmail.com