Self Defense is our focus. Children will learn the use of their empty hands, sticks, and various weapons.  We teach both a Physical and Mental Curriculum. Children will each receive their own Student Card (worksheets). Our Course is organized with appropriate rankings and attendance tracking. Integrated in the course is the Tagalog language, Self Defense, Manners and Etiquette, Confidence and Character Building. Most of all the Class will be FUN!  (Instructor Bio)

Physical Curriculum

  • How to Fall
  • Proper Footwork
  • Throwing Techniques
  • Pangamot - Filipino Boxing / Empty Hands / Defense against weapons
  • Pananjakman/Sikaran - Art of Kicking
  • Dumog - Filipino Wrestling
  • Grappling - Ground Techniques

Mental Curriculum

  • Filipino Culture, History, Language
  • Character Development
  • Confidence Building
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Respect
  • Humility
  • Overcome Adversity
  • To have an Open Mind
  • Be a Citizen of the World