Update Payment Method

  • Membership Sign Up. 1 Year Agreement. 30 day notice must be given prior to cancellation, plus cancel fee.

  • Don't worry about writing checks or going to ATM

  • With Auto Pay you don't need a Paypal Account just a credit card, check card, or debit card. (choose a program then click on use a debit card or credit card) Or you can login to your Paypal.

Weekly Payment Plan
  1. $125 Kids Class Attend 8 group classes a month (Additional Kids $85/m)

  2. $175 Part Time Program - Attend 8 group classes a month

  3. $195 Unlimited Sessions- Take advantage of unlimited access to all group classes a month.

  4. $85 Add a Family Member (Must live in the same household)

  5. To Cancel send an email to kalimethod@gmail.com (30 day notice required via email)




How To Sign Up Tutorial

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

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