Shoulder Throw / by MIND. HEART. RESPECT.

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Always be learning/training. Teachers/Students must train outside of class. Consistently in daily tasks. How committed are you? Park farther away from your destination to train footwork. While carrying a baby or child, train your grips and gripping technique. Upon arising for the day. Read a passage from a book rather than social media garbage. Feed your mind healthy food. When using a public restroom, use only your foot to open stall door/ toilet lid and flush. While cooking (we don't own or use microwaves), perform shadow techniques. Get in and out of bed with a roll or escape technique. Be a symbol of health. Practice your penmanship, the strokes are integrated in your martial movements. While driving long distances listen to audio books. Securing your seatbelt, there are a variety of useful martial movements involved. When getting gas or reaching in your car, be mindful of your surroundings. Practice how you carry your keys, so you are ready to use as a weapon or ready to open your door. Be disciplined in diet and training habits. Get in touch with nature. My wall has a list of techniques with a countdown to 10,000 reps. Once attained it raises to 100,000. This is how newer or lower skillset students can match and surpass advanced senior students in any art or field. Repetition is the key. You get what you give. You must drill yourself until your mind is empty Abandon your body physically and return a bit more enlightened. After hard training, meditate with proper breathing. Train hard but soft, soft but hard. Seek knowledge. Be wise in your questions. Martial arts are not only for fighting. That's only 25%. It's how you live. #seoinage #kalimethod #motivation #judo #dollamurmats #pamanaclothingco #claremont #martialarts #kali #jiujitsu #mylifemylegacy