Kali for Grapplers San Diego Seminar / by MIND. HEART. RESPECT.

A captured moment from the Kali For Grapplers Seminar. I had a Great time teaching & training with some tough people in San Diego, a martial arts breeding ground. FMA Tribes of Doce Pares, Babao Arnis, Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima, Revolution BJJ, and Infinity BJJ represented. Joining 2 realms. Special thanks to Professor Dylan Dearborn for hosting. If you are in the SD area check out Jason and Jon's FMA classes. I will remember each and everyone of you for sharing the sweat and blood with me yesterday. Till next time MHR JC #babaoarnis #docepares #jiujitsu #kalimethod #kaliforgrapplers #pulahanderobioeskrima #infinitybjj #filipinomartialarts #mentaltraining #grappling