Kali Method

The process of acquiring intelligence, health, fitness, artistry, and martial arts prowess through Kali, martial art disciplines from the Philippine archipelago. Evolution is our Tradition.

The Kali Method will become a lifestyle through the training philosophy.

This is not a short-term program which you are most likely not to continue. Students are taught to embrace the art as a whole, Mentally, Physically, and in there everyday activities. If you are a beginner or advanced practitoner, the Kali Method will take you to another level. If your only interest is to get in shape, no matter how busy you are, the Kali Method will be your guide. Using primitive methods, body weight, simple diet, and environment. 

Curriculum: Single Stick, Double Stick, Blade, Blade Grappling, Stick Grappling, Pangamot (Empty Hands), Kicking Art, Dumog (Filipino Wrestling), Philosophy, Ways to Improve your Quality of Life.

Constant Evolution

Many practitioners believe in only teaching the way it was taught to them and not to change anything in their curriculum. Kali Method believes to be free and evolve. Through respect of tradition it is where we advance. The survival, promotion, preservation, and evolution of the arts is thanks to all our teachers, classmates, and all that have came before us. Kali Method practitioners are taught to respect the truths of others.

Styles and Seminars that have been and still are represented at Kali Method

Valencia Lameco, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali, Balintawak, Dong Meyong Pangamot, Dumog (Filipino Grappling), Olisi, Muay Thai, Babao Arnis, Submission Kali, IMB Academy.

Special Programs are offered for Intercontinental and International Seminars.

Free Trial Lesson Upon Your First Visit

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